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  • Leonardo Zizzamia

    Leonardo Zizzamia

    πŸŒ• @coinbase Client Foundation ☁️ Leading the web renaissance one byte at a time ✨ πŸ”­ Always learning something new about #Bitcoin

  • Stephen Charles

    Stephen Charles

    Engineers first! Human rights. Gadgets. Jokes and pranks. Segways. Music and concerts. Gameboy Tetris.

  • Charlotte Domingo

    Charlotte Domingo

    Professional Photographer | Community, Social & Marketing Competitive,classic apparel

  • Alice Jay

    Alice Jay

    Researcher Wide open spaces,equine, canine& coffee enthuse.University of Manchester

  • Mario Prati

    Mario Prati

    Runner.Things I love: cats, books, noisy & mathy music, tech stuff og self-improvement

  • Pavel Safronov

    Pavel Safronov

    Facebook SRE (ex-Yandex) github.com/prius

  • codeblogs


    https://codeblogs.info/ insta β†’ https://www.instagram.com/_laxmikant/ doing stuff as java || Kotlin || flutter || python || ML

  • Dillon Chen

    Dillon Chen

    Building @hicommonwealth

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