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Understanding the real power of feedback from a developer point of view

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Every day we interact with other humans to live, work, love, buy, train and have fun.

It means that somehow we are part of daily 1-to-1 and 1-to-many relationships.

Especially during working hours, we are transferring knowledge, ideas, comments with our colleagues.

Considering that our brains are connected by interfaces

Modal windows (aka modals) are everywhere in websites and web applications. They are the basic concept behind the so called pop-ups.

Modals are quite easy to develop and implement, but they come with an annoying problem: vertical resizing.

Use case

When you hear about startups, you think about big money starting from zero. Wrong! Let’s explore together all the facts that really matter in the startup world.

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The startup concept has become very popular thanks to Silicon Valley and a bunch of worldwide innovators.

Today everyone knows that startup means something related to a new kind of business. …

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An overview

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the cloud computing services suite from mother Google, a good rival of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

I’m playing a bit with GCP because I’m working on an interesting FinTech project and the company needs scalability (the magic word!) on a Google-like environment.

How to fix a common issue when installing private packages with npm

nasty problem maker

Almost every developer knows npm, the JavaScript package manager very useful for faster development and for downloading the entire Internet (yes, npm has this fault… I recommend to read this great article to understand better npm’s problems).

npm is useful and at the same time useless

Context: I’m doing some…

Marco Rapaccini

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